Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Some Intelligent Women Stay Home!

Monday's column on TownHall is generating reactions. I took on Linda Hirshman (again) for her insistence that intelligent women should get to work, instead of wasting their lives staying home with kids.

My wife, Bonnie, stay at home to raise their three children and had a stay at home job working for a major pharmaceutical company. When you lose one was going off to the junior high, she went back to work as a registered nurse taking a refresher course first and now has been working in a pediatrics unit for many years. I don't see any waste of my wife's life staying at home and I see that she has poured herself into art three children and I'm grateful that she has done that. She now fights breast cancer and still does photo albums, these a lot of books, helps with homework, and does a lot of other work around the house and is preparing to go back to work after disability in June. Thank you Jennifer Roback Morse for your article confronting Linda Hirschman and her bad penny appearing up again. I feel bad for Linda Hirschman because I think she's going to go into retirement with lots of regret that she did not spend more time with her children if she has any. Thank you Jennifer for confronting stereotypes that are pushed by the liberal leaning newspapers.

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