Thursday, May 31, 2007

What Dads Do, continued

What do dad's do. We do evething a parent is supposed
to do. However I think we do it with objectivity in
mind. Dad's are tem oriented.

We groom our sons and a lot of times groom our
daughters. We comb our sons hair as well as oour
daughters hair.We tell our children to avoid certain
dangers, even those we have a gut feeling about. We
encourage our children to learn, to grow, to share to
be strong even in difficult times. We run the bases
with or children, shoot baskets, attend tea parties,
read scary stories as well as girly stories with a
girly manly voice.

We hurt when our children hurt, when they fall , when
they cry. We are happy when they are happy.

We shop for tidy whities and pink nighties.

We teach our sons and daughters to be strong,
independent, caring and to be leaders.

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