Thursday, May 31, 2007

What Don't Dads Do?

It's probably better to ask What Don't Dads Do? Dads fill about every role that children need in their lives at one time or another. Friend, confidant, shoulder to cry on, biggest fan, unwavering supporter, coach, discipliner, critical thinker, leader by example, etc. Isn't it the everyday, subtle greatness that men teach their children that creates that next generation? In the world that our children come into, there's an inherent need for them to find both the road map and the guide to help navigate the ups, downs and in-betweens. Men help their children discover the map without them realizing it so it's their accomplishment. Then, they act as guide on the journey of life, never too close or too far away to lend an ear, a voice, a point in the right direction. Men are challenged their whole lives to succeed, achieve, compete, and make their generation the best yet. We travel the world looking to find ourselves and to add our chapter to the book of life, only to find it in the smile of our children. In fatherhood, we write that chapter for all the world to share

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