Tuesday, December 09, 2008

'Day without a gay'

'Day without a gay': Supporters of gay marriage encouraged to call in sick to work to protest Prop 8

Forget that phoney stomach bug or make-believe migraine.

Same-sex marriage supporters are urging people to skip work by "calling in gay" on Wednesday as part of their campaign to overturn Proposition 8.

The first ever "Day Without a Gay" is being organized to show the nation relies on homosexuals and to raise awareness of the drive to legalize gay and lesbian marriage.

"We are all for a boycott if that's what brings about a sense of community for people," said Sean Hetherington, a comedian and personal trainer who came up with the idea with his boyfriend.
While organizers are encouraging people to skip work, they are also urging them to use their gay day effectively and spend time volunteering.

"You can take away from the economy and give back in other ways," Hetherington added.
Day Without a Gay will coincide with International Human Rights Day, and the idea for a gay workers boycott is modelled on similar stoppages by Latino immigrants.

Hetherington and his partner, Aaron Hartzler, came up with the idea after reading that furious gay-rights activists were calling for day-long strike to protest the passage of the Proposition 8 in November.

The ballot referendum reversed the state's previous decision to allow gay marriage.
The couple thought it would be more beneficial to encourage people to give their time to a non-profit organization. They they have received hundreds of emails from people looking for volunteers during the "Day Without a Gay."


Their website - www.daywithoutagay.org - has also received more than 100,000 hits in recent weeks.

Not everyone should "call in gay," Hetherington said, urging high school students to stay in class and promising no retribution for people who decide to go to work.

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