Monday, December 15, 2008

Planned Parenthood protecting child rapist ... again

Another incident has surfaced involving an underage girl receiving an abortion and no attention being paid to the child molester who impregnated her.

The incident happened at a Planned Parenthood clinic in the nation's capitol. Information on the incident comes from American Life League's Katy Walker.

"Counselors in Washington, DC, encountered a 13-year-old girl going into a Planned Parenthood in the downtown DC area [who] was accompanied by her mother and her aunt," Walker explains. According to the pro-life activist, following the abortion the aunt shared some information with sidewalk counselors outside the clinic.

"[S]he informs them that this little girl has been raped by the mother's boyfriend, and the mother wants to keep the boyfriend," says Walker.

Police were called, but the frightened girl would not provide information.

Walker contends similar cases are commonplace. "[T]his kind of stuff happens every day in Planned Parenthoods across the country -- every day," she argues. "They're covering for statutory rapists."

All states have laws requiring reporting of child abuse to authorities, and abortion facilities for the most part are not complying. That was the conclusion of an extensive investigation several years ago by Life Dynamics, Inc., a Texas-based pro-life group.

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