Saturday, December 20, 2008

Maine begins battle to preserve traditional marriage

Christians in Maine are mobilizing for a major fight against same-sex "marriage."

Maine has a Defense of Marriage Act that currently protects the traditional view of marriage. Bob Emrich, founder of the Maine Marriage Alliance, tells OneNewsNow that homosexual activists are pushing to overturn the law.

"And it looks like they're poised to do just that. The gay rights organizations in the state and in New England have made it very clear that that's their desire, and that they have listed enough legislators as what they call marriage-friendly," he explains. "According to their claim, they have enough already on their side to overturn the law."

The Maine Marriage Alliance plans to wage a major battle in the legislature to stall the effort by homosexuals because it takes a simple majority vote to overturn the law, while it takes a two-thirds vote of both houses to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot.

Emrich calls the church the Alliance's best asset. "The church in the state of Maine is waking up to this issue, is seeing the urgency and realizing the need to be involved," he points out.

He believes it will take a huge grassroots push to keep homosexual marriage from being legalized in Maine.

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Anonymous said...

Communities and nations survive where its participants act in accord with what benefits the whole society, not the few. Some will argue that the state has no "right" to prevent a same-sex pair from forming a union. The very idea of the common good violates "personal rights." But there is no "right" to a sexual relationship. In truth, it is merely a personal choice—not a right—that is circumscribed.

Protection of heterosexual marriage is simply the state regulating and protecting the unique institution that benefits the future of the society.