Monday, December 15, 2008

'Responsible' online pornographers - an oxymoron

The Family Online Safety Institute has apparently struck a sweetheart deal with pornographers. Pornography companies have the opportunity to become associate members of the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI). Bob Peters of Morality in Media explains how the system works. "FOSI says to the pornographers, 'We want you to use our rating system so that parents can block you out if they choose to do so. In return, we are going to recognize you as responsible online companies,'" he notes.

According to a Morality in Media news release, an associate member should exist to support FOSI's two objectives -- "protecting children from potentially harmful material and protecting free speech on the Internet." Peters calls it an oxymoron that pornography companies could qualify to protect children, even if they use explicit labels through the Internet Content Rating Association.

"Now in my opinion, pornographers -- and particularly the hardcore pornographers -- aren't responsible whether they use the rating system or don't use it," Peters contends.

Moreover, he notes that a person can circumvent the system and access the pornography, including children. "You know we talk about going to a place where you'll shovel coal for the rest of your eternity -- and that's where I think this particular bargain was birthed," he concludes.

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