Monday, December 15, 2008

Forged consent note for abortion leads to lawsuit

An Atlanta abortion clinic is facing a lawsuit over an abortion performed on a minor.

The boy and girl wanted to marry and have the child, but the mother of the 15-year-old's boyfriend insisted on an abortion, found a clinic that would do it, and sent them on their way. But Fenn Little, the girl's attorney, says there is a problem with that in Georgia.

"There's a parental notification law [that] requires parental consent for a minor to have an abortion -- and it requires some actual notice," he explains -- 24 hours notice, in fact.

The girl arrived at the clinic with a faked consent note forged by the boyfriend's mother on the day of the abortion. "[B]ecause it's a misdemeanor in Georgia to violate that notice law, [the solicitor] actually brought charges, and the lady was convicted and sentenced to the maximum term allowable [12 months]," says Little.

The girl's parents knew nothing of the abortion until two weeks afterwards, and have now sued Northside Women's Clinic saying it broke Georgia law.

Attorney Little sees some irony in the situation in that the girl's mother previously had taken her to have her ears pierced -- but was turned away. "WalMart sent them back home to get proof that she was the daughter to sign the parental authorization to get her ears pierced," he shares. "So you can get an abortion [without proof of parenthood], but you can't get your ears pierced."

Little hopes to prove in court that the clinic in question routinely performs abortions on minors and does not follow the law.

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