Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Puberty-halting drug 'tragic,' 'ethical bankruptcy'

A professional group wants to use drugs on sexually confused children.

The Endocrine Society wants to use the drugs to delay puberty for children with gender-identity problems. Caleb Price of Focus on the Family tells OneNewsNow the drugs are designed to give adolescents more time to decide which gender they prefer for themselves.

"Well, there's been an increasing push in the medical and psychological communities to try and somehow more easily facilitate gender-confused people to transition to the gender of their choice," he explains.

Price says Focus on the Family has caught a lot of heat for referring to this philosophy as "ethical bankruptcy." He contends teens are not stable enough emotionally to make a decision of such magnitude.

"We see this as a situation that's tragic, foolish, and unconscionable for a professional medical group to encourage young people to move forward on a road where they might be making a decision about changing their gender," he adds.

According to Price, the drug treatment program is another example of parents and physicians bowing to political correctness and to the demands and feelings of young people.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know much about genetics, but doesn't your genes decide whether you are make or female? You don't choose, it's in your genes. Something to do with x and y chromosomes.