Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Before you vote, watch this!

From AFA (American Family Association):

What are the key issues regarding the definition of marriage in the Nov 4th vote in California (Prop 8), Arizona (Prop 102) and Florida (Amendment 2)? (Although taped before a California audience, this program applies to all three states.) Using the alphabet, the key issues are identified in this program.

Hear from Ake Green (Sweden), David & Tonia Parker (Massachusetts), Jonathan & Elaine Huguenin (New Mexico), Melissa Fryrear (Colorado), Scott Hoffman (New Jersey), Maggie Gallagher (New York) along with several attorneys and many others. Those for homosexual “marriage” do not want these stories told. The truth is damaging to their cause.

Watch this video, then email it to your friends and family.

This program, entitled “The A, B, C’s of Protecting Marriage,” originated from Skyline Church in the San Diego area and was downlinked to approximately 170 church auditoriums on Sunday night Oct 19, 2008.

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