Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pro-Marriage Efforts Attacked in Florida

From the Liberty Counsel:

In Florida, the Yes2Marriage.org web site reported that in the last week its computer system has been hacked and infected with viruses. The attacks are obviously designed to shut down their efforts in these final days before the vote.

The good news is that an Orlando Sentinel poll shows the amendment gaining support - up 5% in just a few days to 57% supporting. Florida law stipulates that 60% of citizens must support a constitutional amendment for it to pass.

+ + Voter turnout will decide the fate of marriage!

It is now clear that voter turnout will decide whether marriage survives in Florida. Alert your friends across Florida right now and urge them to join in signing the CitizenPledge to save marriage.

Go here to sign the Pledge: http://www.libertyaction.org/r.asp?u=12619&PID=18396902

Liberty Counsel has already identified more than 100,000 Florida pro-family citizens as part of our online get-out-the-vote effort. But we need to reach tens of thousands more.

Thank you in advance for your help, and for taking a stand for marriage.

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