Friday, October 31, 2008

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Positive Trend
We seem to be picking up momentum with our ads and the grassroots effort. People are starting to learn that same-sex couples already have all of the rights and benefits of marriage under the domestic partners law and will not lose them if Prop 8 passes. They are also learning about the horrendous consequences of the ruling of the four San Francisco judges.

There is a new Field Poll coming out on Friday that shows that we have closed from a 17 point deficit to a 5 point deficit in one month. Remember, the Field Poll has always been skewed against us, so this is very good news. It confirms the trend we have seen in other polls that show us with a slight lead. We need to keep the momentum going.

Lots of Work for the Last Few Days
We definitely have the momentum but we must complete many additional phone calls and work very hard to get our vote out on Election Day. Please make a commitment to sign up for Election Day coverage, particularly from 4 pm to the close of polls at 8 pm at

Fundraising is going well and we have reached objectives on time. The are now over 76,000 donors – I am sure a record for California. Only 19% of the donors are from out of state compared to 30% for our opponents.

NAACP Scandal
While the majority of African Americans support Prop 8, the President of the California NAACP came out in opposition to it without so much as a vote of its California Branches. Now it has come out that the No on Prop 8 campaign paid her $200,000. Read more about it at:

No on 8 Showing Signs of Stress
The No on 8 campaign trotted out a group of bio-tech executives to say if Prop 8 passes, it will create a homosexual brain train to Massachusetts and give California a competitive disadvantage.
Check out other arguments they are making at

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