Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some Prop 8 Encouragement

Sent from a friend, with minor edits for length:

In the aftermath of the evil San Diego city council's vote to oppose Proposition 8, I'd like to share some very small but encouraging news.

First, in a residential/rural area of Escondido, I saw Yes on 8 signs everywhere. That evening, I saw a group standing at the freeway exit waving large pro-Prop 8 signs. I beeped and gave them a thumbs-up.

Second, yesterday evening I went out to place two Yes on 8 signs near my house. As I was walking to the location to post the signs, about five drivers gave a thumbs up. Then, as I began placing the signs, a man driving a truck stopped in the middle of the street and yelled, "What are you doing? I'm calling the police." I went over to him and asked, "What do you think I'm doing?" (meaning, I'm just here putting up signs.) He asked if I were stealing the signs! I said, "No, I'm putting up new signs. If you're for Prop 8, I'm on your side!" The man apologized profusely, and said that a lot of the signs have been stolen. I told him I was aware of that and was just placing new signs.

Third, as I was driving home from work, there were several people waving Yes on 8. I parked and went over to talk to them. They said that they had received far more positive than negative reaction to their signs, like 10 to 1 in favor!

So, despite the San Diego city council's egregious vote, and the efforts of the media to marginalize, divide, and discourage us, please take heart.

There are still many people who understand marriage is a union of one man and one woman. With prayer, fasting, and God's help, we will win Prop 8 on November 4!

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awesome! this is so good to hear!

there is a good article here too:

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