Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yes on 8 T-Shirts

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Jennifer Roback Morse said...

We just got another comment from a person who does not have a published profile. His comments link to an obnoxious, anti-Mormon screed site.
I don't mind posting the comments of people who disagree with me. But I will not allow anti-religious bigotry of any kind on my site. Sir, please go away. I will continue to reject your comments.
Dr Morse

Anonymous said...

I completely agree that church property should not be damaged, nor should worshipers feel intimidated at church. The way to spread love, knowledge and true enlightenment is through love, not hate. If the gay rights groups approached the issue differently, then religious groups might have a chance of becoming truly enlightened to what it means to love all of God's children. God does not hate any of His children. All that is sought here is the inalienable right to legally declare your love for another human being. It is a shame that God's words have been changed so much that people feel it is alright to use them against another person.