Monday, October 27, 2008

Tolerance in Clairemont-tires slased, Yes on 8 in yard

Read this note from a yet another victim of "tolerance."

This morning, Saturday, October 25th, my neighbor knocked on the door to tell me I had tires slashed on my cars. I discovered a total of three tires slashed on two of our vans parked in front our house in Clairemont. We have a Yes on 8 sign posted in our yard. Several years ago when Prop 22 was on the ballot we had a Yes on 22 sign in our yard and had two tires slashed on our van. We purchased new tires and again two tires were slashed. They could not be repaired since they are always slashed on the sides, like today. Until election day, we parked away from our house. Our signs have been up for over a week with no problem so I hoped that the tolerant and loving tire slashers were no longer in the neighborhood. At first I had hesitated even putting a sign up for that reason. One of my friends asking for signs, asked for the ones that would give her the most chance of having her car or home vandalized. Inspired by her courage, we put a Yes on 8 sign up.

I have filed a police report, making it clear the connection with Prop 8. The officer taking the report was appalled at the lack of tolerance by those preaching tolerance, asking “Where is our freedom of speech?”

I notified all the San Diego TV news stations. Fox 6 news said they were coming out and a Channel 8 photographer came out interviewed me and photographed the vans with the slashed tires. It will air at 5, 6:30 or 11pm tonight. KUSI was not interested. Channel 10 was interested, but not in doing a story.

My husband and son are going out this evening to plaster the area with Yes on 8 signs. Our sign will stay up. We will most likely park away from our house though. I recommend taking your signs down when the polls close on election day. If Prop 8 passes, God-willing, there likely will be more incidences. This is just a foretaste of the tyranny that we will be under if Prop 8 loses. Speak out now and work and pray like crazy before it’s too late! Be sure to report any theft and vandalism so the word gets out to the police and press.

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It's really interesting the things people do in the name of tolerance.
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