Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It will go too far!

Well, here is proof to any skeptics that same sex marriage will NOT affect our kids. This Califronia school thought it a good idea to take 6 and 7 year olds for a field trip to see their lesbian teacher get married.

This does not teach tolerance, but is overt indoctination! The lesbian teachers "wedding" seems to be more political than ceremonial; after their vows they traveled around San Fransisco with a sign on their car promoting No on Proposition 8

Check out the full article and video!


Anonymous said...

This isn't the example that it's claimed to be. Parents had the ability to opt out, two of whom did. The school is a charter school that aims to acquaint students with cultural differences and diversity.

So what's the problem?

Jamie Gruber said...

Well John, it will be inevitable if Proposition 8 doesn't pass charter school or not: Same Sex Marriage will be taught as normative.

If you look back a couple posts, a father and mother were NOT able to opt out of their children being taught homosexuality in picture books in kindergarten.

Anonymous said...

Jamie, let's be clear -- the parents in the current instance had full control over their children's attendance at their teacher's wedding. As such, this example works against your claim. Right?

Will you at least acknowledge that before you divert?

Jamie Gruber said...

Yes, John they did have control over their children attending this field trip.

The point is larger than that. This sort of field trip will become normative. These teachers were not trying to create a teaching moment, but taking a political stance.

When has a kindergartner class gone to a straight wedding?