Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Homosexual propaganda rampant in Mass. schools

The president of a pro-family organization in Massachusetts says public schools in the Bay State have been negatively influenced by homosexual marriage.

Mass Resistance president Brian Camenker says that immediately after Massachusetts courts made homosexual marriage legal in his state, many schools had assemblies celebrating the decision. Those assemblies featured pro-homosexual speakers, teachers who announced that they would "marry" their same-sex partners, and homosexuals who announced they would pursue adoption.

Camenker points out the homosexual agenda was even promoted in middle schools and elementary schools. "David Parker was the parent of a kindergartner in Lexington, where they were telling the kids about same-sex families being normal just like their mother and father," he explains. "And they had gotten to the point, even by 2005, where they considered this so important to tell kids that they refused to allow parents to opt their own kids out of that propaganda and wouldn't even tell them when it happened."

Parker sued the school system, but Camenker says the judges ruled that, because homosexual marriage was legal in that state, parents had no right to opt out and also said that the schools were promoting good citizenship. (See related story) Camenker warns that public schools have become a major target of the homosexual agenda, and that the passage of homosexual marriage in other states will only embolden the movement.

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