Monday, October 27, 2008

Teacher outrage over dues money to homosexual agenda

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The president of the Pacific Justice Institute says a large percentage of California public school teachers are outraged over the California Teachers Association's support for homosexual marriage. According to Pacific Justice Institute president Brad Dacus, the CTA has funneled more than $1.2 million into the fight against California's Proposition 8. That proposition, if passed on November 4, would define marriage as between one man and one woman and amend the state constitution accordingly. Dacus also stated CTA's opposition to Prop. 8 has angered many public school teachers whose CTA membership fees have been used to fund the opposition campaign. In response, his group has launched a project called

"And what we are educating and defending the rights of teachers to opt completely out of their union and give all of their union dues, every single penny of it, a charity that's in agreement with their faith -- and our phone is ringing off the hook," he adds.

Dacus says outrage over the CTA's opposition to Prop. 8 is even being expressed by parents who are also upset over homosexual indoctrination in public schools. That indoctrination includes the "Children Coming Out" program.

"In fact we have some state laws that were passed that actually mandate this kind of indoctrination," says the attorney. "But parents are opening their eyes up; they're waking up."

Dacus encourages any teachers who are upset over the activities of their unions to visit

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