Friday, October 31, 2008

Prop. 8 supporters contend with vandals, city statute


Warning: Content may be inappropriate for children.

Supporters of Proposition 8 in Chino Hills, California, have met opposition from local officials as well as vandals. Prop. 8, which appears on the November ballot in the Golden State, would overturn the California Supreme Court ruling legalizing homosexual "marriage." Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) senior counsel Erik Stanley got a call from Calvary Chapel Chino Hills explaining their plight.

"They related to us that the city of Chino Hills was threatening to fine home owners $25 a day for putting 'Support Proposition 8' signs in the yards of their houses and was threatening to fine the church $250 for distributing the signs," he says.

Stanley took a closer look at the city's sign ordinance. "The city of Chino Hills has a very unconstitutional sign ordinance that would require anybody wanting to put up a political sign to go down to city hall and get a $250 permit before they could put one sign in their yard -- even if they made that sign themselves," he contends.

Prop. 8 signs were stolen from the yard of one family belonging to the church, and graphic messages were scratched into their two cars. The vandals keyed "Gay Sex is Love" into the car's paint, while also writing other degrading phrases in permanent marker "all over both vehicles." Additionally, the delinquents broke off an antenna on one car and bent the back windshield wiper on the other.

"Supporters of Proposition 8 should not be punished for their position on the marriage amendment," Stanley adds. "They are Americans, and they not only have a right to vote on and promote Prop. 8; they also have a right to be free of fear, intimidation, and the destruction of their property."

ADF sent a letter to Chino Hills Mayor Curt Hagman, outlining why the law violates constitutional rights, and the city attorney then wrote a response, assuring Stanley that the ordinance would not be enforced.

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