Friday, October 31, 2008

Donor Conceived Persons demand their rights

This donor conceived person is demanding her rights. She wants to know who her father is.
The daughter of an anonymous sperm donor has filed a legal action against the attorney general of B.C., seeking to change the rules that currently deprive children born by way of "gamete donation" the identity and history of one of their biological parents.

Olivia Pratten filed the proposed class action in B.C. Supreme Court, claiming that the records relating to the identity of the biological parents of an adopted person are preserved, but the records relating to a gamete donor are only required to be preserved for six years.

Once destroyed, a person born by way of a donor cannot get the medical or social history of a donor, and cannot learn crucial components of their identity such as racial, cultural, religious and linguistic history, which may cause psychological distress, the legal action claims.

The state has actively assisted the separation of children from their parents, in this case, her father. The state should be in the business of enabling the connection between children and parents, not deliberately disrupting it.

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