Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Persecution for Pepperdine Professor Appearing in Yes on 8 ad


Law professor Richard Peterson is receiving all kinds of hate mail and is under a lot of pressure these days. How dare he stand for the truth about marriage between a man and a woman! What is happening to him is representative of what will happen to every Californian who expresses the truth that there is a difference between marriage and same-sex marriage unless Prop 8 passes. Pepperdine University has forced the Yes on Prop 8 Campaign to remove the professor's affiliation from the ad.


Anonymous said...

A professor from the university of Minnesota can desecrate the Eucharist and keep his job, while a professor from Pepperdine stands up for marriage and is threatened to lose his Job?

Is this the twilight zone??????

Anonymous said...

he is persecuted not because he takes a stand on a campaign but because he is deliberately misleading the public by citing factually incorrect legal principles. as a lawyer and law professor, he should know better than to mis-state the law - it is grounds for ethical discipline under CA rules of professional ethics

Jennifer Roback Morse said...

Mr. or Ms. Anonymous,
In fact, the TV stations were frightened about running the ads, because they had heard this claim put forward by the opponents of Prop 8, that the ad made misleading claims. Therefore, the Prop 8 campaign attorney produced a 9 page legal memo to assure the TV stations that the ads were factually correct. He cited the In re Marriage cases opinion itself, as well as precedents from other states.
If you are trying to intimidate people into being quiet because you claim the ad is false, Nice try. We aren't buying it.

Paula said...

How can we write in to tell the law professor Thank You?

Anonymous said...

I did not see a story about the professor when I followed the link. Does anyone have the link elsewhere?

Jamie Gruber said...

If you want to thank Professor Richard Peterson write to the Pepperdine Law School attn: Richard Peterson.

As for a link. I don't think their was one. We were just reporting on it.

Anonymous said...

Jamie is right. There is no further link. The one shown is simply the website that gave the information. The brief article printed in this blog is all the information that site gave. Sorry for any confusion.

Anonymous said...

Peterson is not being "persecuted." The Yes on H8 folks wanted to make the same "will be taught in school" argument that Peterson is making in these ridiculous ads. They were barred from doing so by a Sacramento court, which correctly found that the argument was "false and misleading." The San Diego Union-Tribune also noted the falsity of the ads, calling them "offensive" and "shameful."

The Yes on H8 campaign has no legitimate argument on its side. Because it can't come right out and say that they are homophobic and want to discriminate against a major segment of the population, they have been forced to lie.

And Jennifer, just curious. Have you read the CA Supreme Court marriage case? Have you read the California Education Code sections mis-cited in the Yes on H8 ads (which say that "committed relationships" are to be taught about with respect, just like marriage -- if marriage is taught at all)? Have you read the Massuchetts statutes and case cited in the fraudulent ad? Do you know that MA does not allow parents to opt out of marriage instruction, but that CA law does?

I am guessing no. The Yes on H8 campaign fears nothing more than truth, and loves nothing more than ignorance.