Thursday, October 16, 2008

Prop 8 supporters harrassed in Silicon Valley

I just got this note from a friend in Silicon Valley:
My husband put up 2 "Yes on 8" signs on our property on Sunday Oct. 5th. He had gotten them from someone on the Life Chain in San Jose. Last Saturday, Oct. 11th both signs were still in place. Sunday morning, Oct 12th, the sign by the street was gone, but the one by our palm trees was still there.

On Tuesday, Oct. 14th I was driving down El Camino Real to go shopping. When I came out of the store, I had 2 small hand-made scratches, about 3 inches long in my passenger side door that were not there the night before. I have Yes on 8 bumper stickers on several sides of my van.

Again on Tuesday, Oct. 14th, I was driving the same stretch of El Camino, delighted to find several Yes on 8 signs had been put up in the median and along the road. By the time I came home 3 1/2 hours later, they were all gone. Other signs remained.

On Wednesday, Oct. 15th Joe obtained 2 more Yes on 8 signs. We replaced the one stolen, but put it closer to our house with a light on it. I planned to put the other one inside our house in the window. Sometime Thursday morning, Oct. 16th BOTH signs on our yard were stolen. To steal these signs someone HAD to walk up on our property and take them. Thank God I had not put up the other sign yet. I then put up our other sign (the only one we had left of 4 of them), in the window in our dining room. I asked 2 of our priests today to pray that no one throws rocks at our window!

And the opponent calls us intolerant!

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Anonymous said...

The No on 8'rs (rhymes with haters) are getting more and more vicious in their attacks. You may have read of the Hispanic man in Modesto who was punched in the eye or the host of other stories.

Tolerance goes both ways, unfortunately, the Gay and Lesbian (3% fringe) do not allow others to speak out on how we feel.

Vote Yes on 8!