Saturday, November 08, 2008

52 to 48

Over at the Corner, someone posted this series of love letters, presumably between the 52% of the country that voted for Obama and the 48% that voted for McCain. Mark Hemmingway concludes with this commentary:
Judging by the torrent of email, my post below seems to have struck a nerve. By linking to such a shiny happy display, I wasn't suggesting anyone immediately make peace with an Obama administration. ...
Fair enough. But I do think that after eight years of "He's not my President" bumper stickers and trying to put Karl Rove under citizens' arrest for his role in unconstitutional mattress tag removal, it's probably necessary that we be the adults here. And that includes acknowledging when overtures are made to make things less rancorous.

Obviously, that doesn't mean you surrender your principles. The moment Obama takes office and he tries to do anything such as implement his welfare-as-tax-cuts scheme, destroy the private health insurance market, pass card check legislation, confiscate your 401k etc., I fully expect to unleash hell.

None of these things have happened yet, however. And there's no reason to adopt the left's Alinsky tactics. We can be better than that.

When I first saw the headlines 52% to 48%, all i could think of was the vote spread in CA's prop 8. It is necessary that we be the adults here, too.

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