Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Our friend Leland strikes again

The man with the refurbished Prop 8 sign (shown in the "Going Green" post below) has protested one of his favorite websites, BoardGameGeek, for blocking ads from ProtectMarriage.com after some regulars complained.

He writes:
"After seeing how afraid the enemies of traditional marriage and family are of open expression of opinion even in this one very small and cloistered neighborhood of the web, I just have to wonder what we can expect if Proposition 8 fails and they then feel like they have the mandate they need to completely reorder society in general according to their own self serving preferences. I hate to even think about it."

Here is what he posted on the website's thread:

"Now I’m the one who is shocked, Aldie. You’re actually kowtowing to the politically ‘correct’ thought police on this one, are you?

As far as I’m concerned Barry’s objection is made in the same spirit as the folks who’ve been going around stealing or destroying people’s Prop. 8 yard signs or besieging people’s homes when Prop. 8 signs are posted on their house out of reach (to keep it from being stolen or defaced) or vandalizing the homes and/or cars of people who dare to display Prop. 8 signs or stickers...

Barry, what I think of your attitude is best exhibited by what I did with the yard sign someone destroyed in my front yard.
PS: I'd be just as incensed if an anti-Prop. 8 advertisement led to this kind of censorship. This is the exact opposite of being “an open, welcoming community”. But for the record, an anti-Prop. 8 ad would have at most only caused some people to voice disagreement, not a request for censorship."

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