Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Return of Open Attacks on Religious Minorities: Prop 8's Legacy

Maggie Gallagher's response to the vicious ad mentioned in the previous posting. Find it online here. Gallagher is the president of NOM--National Organization for Marriage.

Well this is certainly change.

The voices of tolerance in California are concluding their campaign against Prop 8 with this TV ad, which engages in a level of blatant religious hatred I've never seen in American politics. Ever.

I don't think its been seen in American politics since the late 19th Century attacks on Catholics, which may be why the Catholic Conference in California was so quick to denounce the ad.

It depicts two young Mormon missionaries (they are identified as LDS) invading a home and ransacking their belongings. It's ugly in the extreme.

Remember, a vote for Prop 8 in California leaves same-sex couples protected by full marriage-equivalent civil unions. None of that matters. If you think marriage means a husband and wife you are just like a racist and you can be treated any way they want.

Apparently people who think they are the civil rights movement of the century do not think they have to behave with even minimal decency towards those of us who disagree with them. These are not some outliers in the wacky blogosphere.

These are the leaders of the gay marriage movement in America who made and ran this ad.

A very revealing (and scary) moment.

Every decent voice needs to stand with the LDS folks against this kind of vicious attack on their faith community because as American citizens, they have exercised their civil rights to vote, organize, and donate.

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