Friday, November 14, 2008

Contact the Governator

Governor Schwarzenegger has opposed Proposition 8, even though he vetoed a bill in 2005 pertaining to same sex marriages "out of respect for the will of the people". And also in 2005, Governor Schwarzenegger stated his position on legislative meddling with Proposition 22: "We cannot have a system where the people vote and the Legislature derails that vote."

YET now Governor Schwarzenegger is encouraging the California Supreme Court to overturn proposition 8, just like they did with proposition 22.

Please call and fax a letter to the Governor reminding him that he was elected to represent the will of the people and the people have spoken TWICE, with proposition 22 and now proposition 8, in voting for marriage as only between a man and a woman.

Please do not be silent on this issue, as silence = acceptance.

Please hold your elected officials accountable. You can also email at the following link:

Governor's Office:
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-558-3160

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