Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dr. Phil and Prop 8

The Dr. Phil show will be discussing Proposition 8. It is scheduled to air Fri Nov 21KFMB Ch 8 3pm in San Diego, which provided the opinion of each side of proposition 8. The audience was actually separated into half. Yes vs. No. Very insightful show.

Pastor Jim Garlow spoke for our side, as did Maggie Gallagher and Jeff Flint, and all three gave an excellent presentation of solid facts and information.

Mayor Gavin Newsome was one of the opposing guests and he actually said, pertaining to the passage of proposition 8, "sometimes the majority is wrong".


Anonymous said...

Mayor Gavin Newsome was absolutly right. The majoring was wrong about slavery and civil rights and they'll go down as being wrong on gay marriage and immigration when our children read about us in class in the future. Its funny how the beginging 2008 started off with so much Immigration talk yet know thing have completly died done. Maybe because deporting 10 million people and separating 10 million families would pretty much tank what left of our economy.

If your againt gay marriage than supporting the passage of Prop 8 probably was the worst thing you could have done, because now the community is fired up to the point where it wont matter how much money the Churches in Utah raise. Theres always a point in a movement that completely escalate and speed up an solution. PROP 8 was it. The community is fired up and more determinated than ever. Prop 8 will prove to be a shot in the foot for those that supported it.

Im sure this wont get posted. I dont seem to see any oposing veiws anywhere on this site. So really what is the point of this blog?

Jamie Gruber said...

I gladly post all opposing views. However, in this debate it has been hard to find opposing posts that do not insult religion or people for their views to protect one man one woman marriage or that have bad language.

I welcome your civil and respectful comments.