Thursday, November 13, 2008

Be warned: they're coming out on the 15th.

The LGBTQ Community is calling upon all its supporters to join them at their respective city halls across the country on November 15th at 10:30am PST /1:30pm EST. Their purpose is to protest the passage of Proposition 8 in California and the similar poll results in Florida, Arizona, and Arkansas.

I hope you don't have any business at your city hall that day. If so, you may want to reschedule.


Chairm said...

Dr. J, any counter-protests planned, yet?

Enough is enough, already.

Jamie Gruber said...


Instead of protesting we will be working to promote natural marriage.

Anonymous said...

Jamie, that's the right direction.

Will there be any public events where support can be demonstrated by regular people coming together with Yes messages?

I guess I am expecting the Yes campaign will need to continue for some time after the victory at the ballot box.

The coalition is still active, I do hope.

Cheers for all the hardwork,

Chairm Ohn,

The Opine Editorials

Jamie Gruber said...

This will be a peaceful and mostly silent stance to show the opposition/press that we stand-fast for traditional marriage AND the will of the people who recently voted for prop 8.

If you can join us at 12:30am near the Sd Co Admin Bldg. please email for additional details.

For those of you receiving this email out of town, there will most likely be a protest in your City also.

Silence = acceptance. Not on my watch! Are you in?