Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Homosexual 'marriage' -- New York on deck?


The leader of a conservative activist organization predicts the Empire State is on deck to become the next battleground state for homosexual "marriage." Frank Russo of the American Family Association of New York points out that the state's Senate is now dominated by Democrats, and there is a majority in the assembly with a Democrat governor ready to sign a bill in favor of homosexual marriage.

"So now, we're going to see come to a vote, pretty certainly, a bill establishing 'gay' marriage," he explains. "The only reason it has not come to a vote up till now was because the Republicans in the Senate would not allow it come up to a vote."

Russo was asked about the chances for the bill to pass. "It's 50-50 because there are a couple of Democrats who are conservative-minded," he contends. "In fact, it might even be five or six Democrats who might vote against it, and there are also five or six Republicans who might vote for it."

Democrats have taken control of the New York Senate for the first time in 43 years.

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