Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gay Activist Opposes Church Protests

Last month, I posted this letter from fellow retired LAPD officer John Smith. He was one of the first LAPD officers to “come out of the closet” during the early 1990s. In his letter, Smith explained why he voted YES on Proposition 8 and gay protests at churches. John and his partner live in Southern California, and I am honored to consider him a friend.

Today, as I listened to the news talking about the Prop 8 protests, I dusted off my retirement shadow box which displays my retired police badge. I reflected back on the oath of office I took as a young man - the day I joined the Los Angeles Police Department. As I took this oath, I gave my word to “always live my life as an example to all.”

Although I am retired, these words hold deep significance to me. Like most cops, I know the how difficult it is to do the right thing – especially when “the masses” disagree with you. Just as the “gay community” expresses their outrage over the passage of Proposition 8, I also want my voice to be heard.

As a retired police officer who is also gay, words cannot describe my anger at the gay community’s violent response to the passage of Proposition 8. I am deeply offended by the hypocritical behavior of the gay community.

I am not an openly religious man. In fact, I have rarely (if ever) discussed my personal religious values. Until now.

I believe in God.

I believe in the American right to worship in peace and free from interference.

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