Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Today is International Mormon Appreciation Day.

Today is the day that the Ruth Youth honor our brothers and sisters in the LDS Church. They have been great supporters of natural marriage and we applaud their efforts. Here is our proclamation. Forward it far and wide!
In response to the truly despicable, bigoted advertisement, Home Invasion, produced to defeat California's Proposition 8, the members of the Ruth Youth proclaim November 5, 2008 to be International Mormon Appreciation Day.

Whereas: the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are exercising their legal first amendment free speech rights by participating in the political process, rights that are dear to all Americans of all religions.

Whereas, the advertisement was generated by an "independent" group calling itself Courage Campaign Issues Committee.

Whereas: the ad has been condemned by representatives of Catholic and Protestant Churches,

Whereas: the Protect Marriage, Yes on Proposition 8 campaign has called upon the No on 8 campaign to repudiate the ad.

Whereas: the No on Proposition 8 has been completely silent in the face of this outrageous display of anti-religious bigotry.

Whereas: the No on 8 Campaign has shown very clearly that they want the exclusive right to define what counts as discrimination and hate.

Whereas: the campaign to protect natural marriage by passing California’s Proposition 8 has been called the largest grassroots political campaign in history.

Whereas: attacks on the religious freedom of one group threaten the religious freedom of all religions.

Whereas: the Ruth Youth is an international, interfaith coalition of youthful souls of all ages who support natural marriage, in law, culture, media and academia.

Whereas: we are grateful to the members of the LDS Church for their participation in the campaign to protect marriage from being radically redefined by unelected judges.

Whereas: We are proud to have been part of said campaign, and we are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with the members of the LDS Church.

Therefore, be it proclaimed:

We, the members of the Ruth Youth, hereby declare and proclaim November 5, 2008, to be International Mormon Appreciation Day. We hereby express our gratitude toward and solidarity with our LDS brothers and sisters.

No matter how the election for Proposition 8 turns out, we are grateful to the courageous, dedicated, and always cheerful members of the LDS Church.

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Paula said...

Thank you from one California Mormon. I am honored to have had the chance to stand up and defend marriage and families alongside so many like-minded individuals of all faiths and beliefs.

Jamie Gruber said...

Thank you, Paula! We appreciate your support! Check out our Ruth Institute Website ( and sign up for our newsletter to find out how we are planning to continue promotion of marriage!

Anonymous said...

And another thank you from another Mormon.


davers said...

Thank you kindly for the vote of appreciation.

It seems all religions should come together as much as possible to fight against the oppressive efforts of activist judges and those who disparage religion for their own selfish wants.

Every LDS person that I know wants to do so, far more than has been done in the past. These are perilous times ... we need to come together on whatever common ground we can find.