Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Victory over those who discriminated against Prop 8 Supporters

Thanks so much to all of you who were inspired to act on behalf of the Carlsbad, Ca. Knights of Columbus.

Sat. Nov 7th, the joint parish Knight’s Council - 9022, of St. Elizabeth Seton and St. Patrick’s, were in the middle of their annual Tootsie Roll Drive benefitting mentally challenged youth in the North County area, when they were kicked out of their La Costa Albertsons location by Store Director, Alan Meyers.

Alan told the Knights Sat. their involvement with Prop 8 supposedly bothered between two to four customers, so they needed to leave and not return Sun.

One of the Knights asked Alan, “What would happen when 2600 families stopped shopping at his store due to complaints re. the Knights eviction?”

Alan replied, “He’d have to cross that bridge when he came to it.”

There were no incidents at the many other local grocery stores the Knights patronized for their fundraising last weekend.

Thanks to all of you for your letters, phone calls, and prayers. To rectify this situation the very helpful P.R. Director, Stephanie Martin, at Corporate Albertsons, has agreed to the following four actions:

1) The Knights need to know they are welcomed to return to the La Costa Albertson’s store and any Albertsons store again in the future for their charitable causes. This is a relationship the Knights have enjoyed for the past 30+ years with Albertsons. Stephanie will put this in writing to the Knights Council 9022.

2) This afternoon, (Wed.) Stephanie will call the Knights who were involved with Saturday’s dismissal and apologize to them on behalf of Albertsons

3) Store manager, Alan Meyers, called to talk Barbara N. Tues. evening re. the incident. Stephanie also called the N.’s earlier Tues. evening.

4) Albertsons will make restitution to the Knights for the charitable funds lost this last weekend, so the funds can be passed on to ARC. We discussed the amount of $500. Barbara N. later visited with Stephanie & in their conversation Stephanie pledged $700. This check to ARC will be sent by Stephanie to Knights Council 9022 c/o Bruce N., so the Knights can include it with the rest of their collected funds for ARC. The letter mentioned in Item #1 will accompany this check.

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this is an awesome story, thank you.