Friday, November 14, 2008

Are you available to stand with your friends in support of marriage?

One of the Ruth Institute’s good friends in San Diego, Mary Kuyper, has organized this, peaceful, legal demonstration. Everyone, please consider going.
~Dr. Morse

Tomorrow Sat Nov 15 there will be a huge national day of protest against prop 8. Cities across the nation will be protesting at 10:30am pacific time.

Here in San Diego, there will be a protest/march against prop 8 starting at 6th and Upas to the SD Co Admin Bldg. At 1pm, there will be a no on 8 rally at the SD Co Admin bldg.

Please see details at this link:

Are you available to stand with your friends in support of marriage?

This will be a peaceful and mostly silent stance to show the opposition/press that we stand-fast for traditional marriage AND the will of the people who recently voted for prop 8.

If you can join us at 12:30am near the Sd Co Admin Bldg. please email for additional details.

For those of you receiving this email out of town, there will most likely be a protest in your City also.

Silence = acceptance. Not on my watch! Are you in?


Chairm said...


The stand of the silent majority in the defiance of the disquiet of gay identity politics.

Anonymous said...

A suggestion, if I may.

It would be wonderful if at each location the demonstrators, standing resolute, firm, but also joyful, would sing the simple song,
You'll Never Walk Alone (Walk On).

It is easy to sing. The words are beautiful. The tune is gentle and courageous.

It is not of any specific religion. Its appeal is very broad.

And it would also signal that we are humbled that there is such rage at us for our stand in favor of the most pro-child institution we have.

Unity of the sexes. Unity of humankind.

Just hand out the lyrics and we'll make music together, across the country.

Maybe it will become our theme song at subsequent rallies or demonstrations.

With admiration and respect,
Chairm Ohn