Thursday, November 06, 2008

Why the Drop?

Dr. Jennifer: Well done. I have two questions: Why has the approval rate fallen from 61% a few years ago to 52.5% now? Also, can we really ammend the state constitution with a simple majority? I'll take the answer on your blog. We Republicans worked for it up here in Oakhurst (south gate to Yosemite) and yes, we had quite a few damaged Yes on 8 signs, too. Best Regards.

Me: Two reasons for the drop:
1. The rewording of the proposition by the Attorney General probably cost us 5 – 10 percentage points.
2. The general decline in support for traditional marriage.
Thanks for your support. Keep the faith.
Dr J

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Anonymous said...


I agree with your analysis. #1 should be better next time: presumably a voter effort to repeal Prop 8 would not have that language, although they'd call it something like "Marriage civil rights" and have that ratified whichever loony left Demo replaces Gov. Moonbeam as AG.

That we lost so many young people is really troubling, because it will only get worse in future years. It's clear that the no on 8 forces completely dominated the discourse on campus as the Yes on 8 forces ceded the field.

We can't let our supporters die off and be replaced by young skulls-full-of-mush that have been brainwashed by the media and the schools, particularly here in the Bay Area.

Next time, we need to equip students to stand their ground on campus -- arm them with facts and (secular) arguments to debate the gay activists.

The Yes on 8 ads never said "gay people are people too" or "civil unions give them what they need." I realize that this is controversial among the 30-40% of the state that wishes there were no civil unions. But on campus, we would need to have a more nuanced argument saying "Gays already have lots of rights, including civil unions. They're working, there's no need to change."

Cowardly university employee