Friday, November 21, 2008

Prop. 8 opponents rejecting democracy


According to a conservative media watchdog, the mainstream media is completely ignoring a wave of quasi-fascism that has descended upon California and several other states by radical homosexual activists who don't respect the will of the people.

Brian Fitzpatrick, senior editor at the Culture and Media Institute, recently wrote a column called "Crouching Fascism, Hidden Media." He says on November 4, a majority of voters in liberal California approved Proposition 8, a constitutional amendment declaring that only marriages between a man and a woman are valid in the state. But he points out that militant homosexuals have not respected that decision and have vandalized property, threatened people, and mailed white powder to Mormon churches. Fitzpatrick calls that "fascism."

"Fascism rejects democratic values. We see outright rejection of democracy in California. We see people trying to turn to the courts," he explains. "We see people trying to victimize or punish people who voted against them -- and this is not the American way. It's a very frightening cultural development."

The national media, Fitzpatrick adds, has been AWOL concerning these incidents. "All we've seen is continued coverage of this issue as a civil rights battle or this issue as a blow against homosexuals and homosexual couples. We see emotional pitches," he says. "We see no serious analysis of the significance of homosexual or same-sex marriage, whether it's good or bad for society."

Fitzpatrick, whose columns appear regularly at OneNewsNow, believes America has not yet seen political violence of the kind that led to takeovers of Germany and Italy by fascist elements before World War II. He contends if media outlets do not investigate these current incidents, expose the perpetrators, and pressure the government to press charges, only greater political violence can be anticipated -- even eventually against the media themselves.

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