Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Winning Proposition

That's the name for my national review column. A lot of the previous posts are responses to this column.
It is important that we claim victory, and define the victory. As the gay lobby becomes more and more shrill and unhinged, we are entitled to say that we won this election fair and square. While they are whining about Mormon money, we could be pointing out that they got a lot of their money from a handful of rich individuals, and organizations that raided their customers (PG&E) and their members (CTA.)
And the "Mormon money" came from the combined small contributions of many thousands of individuals, who were spending their own money on a cause that matters to them.
That is what democracy is all about.
When the process is democratic, we win. When the process is elitist, the gay lobby wins.
Who is being unfair?

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