Monday, November 17, 2008

Also Write to California Supreme Court Justices!

Here are the California Supreme Court justices who will, once again, be deciding on the fate of marriage EVEN THOUGH the will of the people have overwhelmingly spoken TWICE in two elections by voting in favor of traditional marriage.

Please send them an email and let them know you expect them to uphold the will of the people by not overturning Proposition 8. Afterall, we are living in a democracy, governed by the will of the people. AND the people have now spoken TWICE in support of traditional marriage.

Please email and address each Supreme Court Justice by name in your email to ensure they each receive a copy.

Please spread this message! Let's all bond together with one loud voice in support of marriage.

In God we trust.

Here are the names of the justices: Associate Justice Carlos R. Moreno, Associate Justice Joyce L. Kennard, Associate Justice Kathryn Mickle Werdegar, Chief Justice Ronald M. George, Associate Justice Ming W. Chin, Associate Justice Marvin R. Baxter, and Associate Justice Carol A. Corrigan.


Anonymous said...

I have been watching the debate over gay rights, and I think conservatives just don’t understand the reality of being gay. They mention choosing the gay lifestyle, and impressionable youth. The “slippery slope” argument is brought up, and gays are compared to polygamists, incestuous creeps, and criminals. Protecting gays is compared to protecting criminals. The difference is, criminals made harmful choices. Homosexuality is not harmful, contagious, nor a choice. Monogamous homosexual relationships are not immoral, and most certainly not criminal. To think so is to be prejudiced.
Ask yourselves honestly, “At what point in my life did I choose to be straight?” Conservatives are punishing gays for an “immoral” lifestyle choice where no choice was made. The trait is an inborn one; therefore, LBGTs deserve the protection supposedly guaranteed to minorities from the majority. The Christian majority shouldn’t be allowed to hijack the laws protecting minorities, nor should they be allowed to destroy the First Amendment by mixing church with state.

Even if you are in the majority, it is unconstitutional to discriminate, or to mix church and state. It is against the law, and bigotted.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the address so I could write to support liberty and justice for all, and the First Amendment. America is not for one group to limit the rights of others. Separate but equal? God chose the slaveowners as the superior race, also, according to the slaveowners. They were in the majority in the South, but still so wrong. Even now, plenty of people loathe interracial marriage.